Teaching is a passion

‘It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.’ –Albert Einstein

I serve on the graduate faculty of Marshall University’s College of Engineering and Computer Sciences as an assistant professor of practice. The courses I enjoy teaching various subjects in computer science and information systems like Cloud Computing, Internet of Things and Visual Analytics. I also taught database management, warehousing, and other classes around data analysis.

I like working with students and discussing variety of topics, mostly contemporary issues in the world of technology. I often bring a recent news or announcement to the discussion in the classroom. In fact, I usually start each class session, after asking students on any of their latest personal news, to discuss recent technology announcements from the web, podcasts or books I’m reading. Few weeks into the class, students start bringing topics of discussions around the core theme of the course to enrich the conversation. In Internet of Things class for example, we discuss the latest products released by vendors or the recent data privacy concerns raised in the news.

Teaching Style

My style of teaching is more hands-on and less lecture time. In most of my classes, I use a portion of the class giving a lecture, I like calling it interactive lecture, in which I use slides to guide our conversations. The section portion of the class is usually in-class activity or hands-on lab. In the first few weeks, the lecture time is long and it starts gradually decrease and the hands-on activities become longer until the final couple of weeks, which are usually dedicated to final project work.